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Ten Essential Student Living Tips for All First-Timers

student housing in Newcastle

Whichever way you look at it, it is only those who have never actually gone to university that seem to think the whole experience is one of blissful relaxation, easy living and partying. Sure, there are good times to be had, but surviving as a student while trying to balance fulltime education, an active social life and next to no money to fund the whole thing can be one hell of a job to say the least.

That’s why it’s a good idea to occasionally listen to the advice of the professionals who have not only lived through student life, but have dedicated their lives to providing helpful guidance. So whether you’re still looking for that ideal student housing in Newcastle or are already well on the way to moving into, here is a quick look at 10 essential student living tips all first-timers could benefit from:

1 – Start Early

First of all…and assuming this ship hasn’t already sailed… get a head start on the rest of the student population and start searching for your perfect accommodation as early as possible. There will always be heavy demand for certain places above and beyond all others, so you might as well give yourself first dibs.

2 – Budget Wisely

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to budgeting for your accommodation as there is a lot more to it than simply paying your rent every month. It’s no good agreeing to a deal whereby you can afford to pay your rent and your bills, but are then left practically foraging for scraps for the rest of the month in order to survive.

3 – Consider All Options

You might already have it in your mind that you desperately want to stay in halls of residence or perhaps would prefer to avoid halls of residence at all costs, but it’s still in your best interests to at least consider all options. After all, there are plenty of examples of halls of residence these days that are practically like five-star hotels – the same not being said for the vast majority of shared houses.

4 – Never Choose Blindly

Whatever the circumstances, never make up your mind with regard to accommodation choices without having seen and evaluated the place in accordance with your own needs.You may get the impression that one particular area or block is in massive demand and thus find yourself instinctively heading the same way – this may turn out to be regrettable decision if you don’t evaluate the place first.

5 – Check the Small Print

When the time comes to sign the contract, don’t even think about adding your signature until you have read and understood every single word of small print. And if you find yourself in a position where there is anything you can’t understand, bring in the help of someone who does.

6 – Be Open and Sociable

Once you’ve moved into the place, make every effort to be as sociable and open as possible as it is during the initial days and weeks that most friendships and bonds are formed. After all, the fact that you are all going through the same experience together makes for a pretty unique bonding experience.

7 – Stand Up For Yourself

If you have moved into any kind of shared accommodation, the very last thing you want is to find yourself being interpreted as a pushover from day one. This of course isn’t the time to be seeking out confrontations, but when and where required to, standing up for yourself is crucial.

8 – Play Your Part

Again in relation to shared housing, be prepared to play your part and to do your fair share when it comes to everything from cleaning to organising nights out to inviting people over and so on and so forth. You’ll always have more fun being part of the group than being a casual bystander.

9 – Report Problems Immediately

If and when it you face any problems whatsoever with your accommodation or anything to do with the building you have moved into, bring it to the attention of your landlord or agency immediately. Don’t wait until things reach crisis point – all you’ll do is end up with a much bigger headache than was really necessary.

10 – Enjoy Yourself!

Last but not least, try to bear in mind the fact that this is the kind of experience as a whole that comes once in a lifetime and goes in the blink of an eye. As such, if you spend too much time fussing and complaining rather than just going with the flow and enjoying yourself, you won’t get nearly as much out of your time at university as you could and should have.


VET_FEE_Help_CoursesWestern 1st world societies today are in an Education race. It is a race to improve their country’s education level to increase employment, fuel business growth and ensure the next generation coming through has the best chance to succeed.

Australia is finding itself in the middle-to-lower end of the education scale of its populations in comparison to other western countries. Therefor the liberal government is finding itself under immense pressure to fund education growth. This has been evident through new and widened incentive schemes that make education and up-skilling more obtainable to all Australians.

One of these is the VET FEE-HELP scheme, which only few registered training organisations and government-accredited providers are provisioned to administer. The VET FEE-HELP program allows students to undertake a course through the provision of a Government loan to help fund 100% of the course fees. The loan is then only repayable when the student gains fulltime employment and earns over $50,000 per annum. The course is then deducted through a repayment scheme that deducts a small amount from their weekly wage.

Tri training is one of these registered training organisation accredited by the Australian government to supply VET FEE-HELP courses to Australians.

Tri Training online college is one of Australia’s leading online diploma-level course provider and offers students VET FEE HELP approved courses such as:

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Because Tri Training is an approved provider of VET FEE-HELP assisted diploma courses you can study now, pay later! They have eliminated all administration and enrolment fees and provide you with 2 weeks of no obligation, unlimited access to their eLearning platform so that you have peace of mind that the course you are enrolling in is right for you.

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Exam resits, it’s not all doom and gloom! – By the education team at Athena Tuition

Exam resits, it’s not all doom and gloom

So you might be reading this and maybe your A Level results didn’t quite match your ideal university’s requirements. Stay calm, this isn’t the end of the world, and there’s always something you can do. Taking resits, whether at the AS, A2 or IB level can help you reapply to university, or convince your teachers that you ought to have a better predicted grade.

Many of the top universities such as Oxbridge require the highest grades, but resits do not stop you from being accepted, whether in a conventional subject like Maths, English and Physics or something else. Taking exams again will also keep information fresh in your head in preparation for university entrance exams and aptitude tests.

How to resit successfully 

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! Review your studying strategy. For mathematical subjects, including Chemistry, Physics and Biology, studying is often a case of repetition of questions. For humanities like English or History, consider approaches such as writing essay plans, learning new authors or readings, and going over key subject material until you know it like the back of your hand.

 Try and improve your routine – go somewhere new to study, a public library, a hotel lounge, or why not study outside?

Another good trick is to use technology to help you manage your time. Try to do list apps, or websites like HabitRPG to make task completing fun!

4 Places to Look for Help

There are many places you can look for help. Look at examiners reports to see what topics students are typically bad at, look online for useful articles and forums, ask your teachers or other students who have been through this before. If you really want to get ahead of the game, hiring a private tutor from agencies like Athena Tuition who can send tutors straight to your home, in Hampstead or in any other areas of London. This can put you in good stead for exam resits, and ultimately getting into the university of your choice.


The world is evolving. So is each and every one of us. The last decade has seen a dramatic change in lifestyle of people. Now, each and every one of us is working harder and sneaking in that extra hour every day to make the ends meet. In this competitive world of today, the only way to stay on top is to keep your skill-set brushed and updated. The technology is changing every day, making the practices change just that little bit every day, making it even more important for each and every one of us to evolve every day and keep ourselves updated with the ever changing world.

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle Course

The internet has stormed into the world today and is changing the conventional ways of living, jobs, and education. Gone are the days when it was necessary to go places to attend classes in order to gain training. Today online courses have revolutionized the way people learn, and in such changing times the institutions have also evolved to offer online courses to anyone who wants to learn. Online courses are a great way to get a recognized certificate course on your resume investing very little money and with the option of choosing your class hours in a way that suits you the best. This has made learning very flexible. Online courses are exciting as well as cost effective and more and more people today are responding to these online courses and taking benefits of it.

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Montessori Educations Helps Children Learn Self Discipline

“Discipline is a symbol of caring to a child. Discipline is guidance. If there is love, then there is no such thing as being too tough with a child.” Bette Davis’s words are indeed a powerful reflection of how a child can be taught the value of self discipline in a constructive and caring manner.

Private Schools in Mississauga

Discipline is not restrictive and one of the ways in which a child can learn the importance of self discipline is by going through the Montessori stream of education. It therefore makes a lot of sense for you to look at Private Schools in Mississauga when searching for a high quality educational institution that will shape your child for the future.

Canada’s school systems

Canada is definitely one of the leading countries when it comes to high-quality education and perhaps one of the reasons why this is so is because it prides itself on a large number of schools that deploy the Montessori way of teaching and learning.

The Montessori education system definitely has a few big advantages to offer such as:

  • Fostering the child’s creativity
  • Teaching a child the importance of responsibility
  • Enabling the child to be practical and disciplined as well.

A holistic system

The Montessori style of education believes that discipline is linked to other concepts and values. Self discipline is fostered because the child learns about:

  • The value of freedom
  • Making mistakes and taking responsibility for the same
  • The necessity of obedience
  • The need for limits and permissions and even
  • How one’s own behavior affects relationships.

Now, all of this may sound extraordinarily philosophical or even too profound a concept for a small child to grasp. But, when you actually go into high quality Private Schools in Mississauga, you will find that the trained Montessori teachers create a value enriched environment in class.

This kind of environment allows the child to explore every possible creative avenue without being destructive or irresponsible. This is a fine balancing act and the Montessori education achieves the same.

Continuation of learning at home

Montessori teaching also believes that a child continues his or her learning back at home as well. Therefore, it is vital that you commit to creating a nurturing and at the same time disciplined environment back at home as well. Therefore, even as a child is naturally naughty, he will never be willfully destructive and irresponsible or disobedient.

While there is no denying the fact that there is no universal panacea when it comes to looking after a child, one should also be aware that the Montessori stream of education is pretty successful in providing answers to many a problem.

Indeed, when you look at Private Schools in Mississauga and what they can offer when it comes to your child’s development, you will quickly realize that it is the Montessori style of education that has been the most successful in fostering a child’s self esteem, an awareness of boundaries, social responsibility and healthy and positive behavior as well.

The patience, insight, understanding and unique approach of the Montessori teaching best encompasses a child’s welfare.