5 Scents that are Pleasant but Too Overwhelming for Small Spaces

It’s not a requirement to know about home décor when you work in key property management Las Vegas, but it does help to have general advice about interior design. Scents, for example, is an important element in interior design. However, when you live in a small space, there are several scents that are simply too overpowering. Below you can see a short list of 5 pleasant, but overwhelming, scents that are best used in more spacious homes, or not at all.

Cranberries and Mandarins

This scent, while a tantalizing mix of fresh citrus, is more reserved for large, open spaces. The ingredients alone can be overpowering, but together, they are simply too much to handle. If you really want this scent in your home, create your own with a potpourri pot, set on low, on your stove.

Rose Hip Oils

Another one of the most beautiful nature-made scents, this one does well in soothing the senses in small doses. However, most candles feature concentrated, powerful oils that overwhelm your senses and burn them out to the fragrance. It’s an instant headache, basically. If you want the aroma of rose hip oils, gather a small tab with your pinky and dab it behind your ears.

Patchouli and Amber

Also known as dirty hippie, but in the kindest way, these scents are a mash-up that is best reserved for open-spaced areas, such as festivals or outdoor events. Dab a bit on your wrists and ankles for a lingering and pleasant scent that follows you from one place to another. Or, if you insist on these scents in your home, keep a window open and light a single stick of incense in a distant room. Allow the fragrance to linger through the rest of your house at its leisure.

Lemon Zest

This scent, while not horrible, is reminiscent of clean high school hallways and tidy bathrooms. Lemon is associated with cleanliness in cleaning products. So, if you are using this scent for your home, combine it with a bit of sugar for a sweet fragrance that lingers, but subtly.

Raspberries and Mixed Berries

Mixed berries, mainly raspberries, are best reserved for fruits and nature. The artificial scents are too overpowering, and they often bring on migraines. So, to avoid the pain of a fragrance-induced headache, keep the berries all natural with fresh-baked pies and cookies if you want the aroma in your home. Avoid using candles, as there are simply too many chemicals in those that are meant to smell like berries.

As you can see, many of these scents are go-to fragrances for a lot of people. However, when it comes to bettering your interior designs, it’s best to avoid those aromas that tend to overwhelm your senses.