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Top mistakes to avoid during web designing

Top mistakes to avoid during web designing

Web designing is one of the best ways to show your creativity. However, the truth is that professional web designing has to follow certain rules to make sure that the website provides quality user experience. Read this business website design is all about incoming traffic and user experience. There are many professional designers out there and some of them provide top-quality services. But there are certain mistakes that many designers tend to make. Some mistakes are so subtle that they are not even instantly spotted. But they do have a profound impact on the user experience. Here are some of the mistakes that must be avoided during web design process.

Making the layout cluttered

The layout of the web page should be neat and tidy. It should be easy to locate and read the information. If the page is cluttered the users will have hard time finding the information. This is why the elements should be strategically laid out with ample amount of free space. Cramming in lots of elements on the same page could lead to confusion. Your page doesn’t have to be minimal; it simply needs to be organized well. Whether you are using boxes or sidebars, make sure that you choose the right layout.

Making the navigation difficult

Great user experience is all about making things easy for the users. This is why a great navigation structure is so important for an effective website. Not all the information will be available on the landing page (otherwise it will become too cluttered). You will have to place different information strategically across various web pages of the site. But, you need to make sure that the simple navigation makes it easy for the users to find what they are looking for. Upon meeting even slightest of the difficulty the user will jump to the competitor’s website.

Not including the search box

You cannot have the users clicking through the links to get to the info they want to find. It has been noticed that even some of the big brands do not have the search buttons on their websites. This is quite surprising. A search button enables the user to enter the query and quickly locate the information. Navigation alone is not enough for this.

No call to action

Generating sales through the website is the ultimate aim of any business. But the sales will be greatly impacted if there is no call to action button on the page or if it is not prominent. If the user likes your products or services and wants to go ahead with it, he or she should be easily able to find out what to do next. This is the reason why you need the buttons like “buy now” or “order now”. It is also important to make sure that the call to action button is easily visible. Make the button attractive and leave ample white space around it.

Adding lots of flash content, animation, scripts, affects the loading time. These are the things that should also be avoided. If it takes too long to load, the user will quit the site.

Carry out the Texas prison inmate search before a prison visit

do a Texas inmate search

There exist claims that it is important for all prisoners to maintain contact with their relatives through visitation. Humanitarian organizations are the ones on the forefront in campaigning for all the members of the same families to see each other because of the impacts that family visitation has on the rehabilitation of the prisoners. Prison visitation has been seen to have effects of reducing there- offending of crimes by those in the prisons and thus this has seen increasing support for the jail’s management to allow the families to visit their loved ones as they stay in the jail for rehabilitation.

Texas prison has provided a way to enable the parents to search their family members in the jail so as to know their exact location and facilitate their visitation. This has was effected because the department of corrections realized that, visitation offers the opportunity for the family members to re- unite and hence the offenders in jail try to avoid recommitting the crimes to avoid being detained again and be separated from their loved ones. Before visiting a Texas prison, the family members or relatives are expected to do a Texas inmate search so that they find out the exact location of their loved one.

Texas prison inmate search procedure

Before the actual visit is affected proper planning is required so that the visitation is successful. Planning is essential so that visitor is informed about the visitation requirements. It is also important so that to verify the exact locations of the inmates since some offenders are moved from one prison location to another because of various reasons. This has been made possible by the Texas prison since it has come up with a platform that allows the visitor to search for offender information that is available on the TDCJ website.


  • Computer and internet connection
  • The last name and first name initial of the offender
  • The TDCJ number that is availed to the prisoner
  • The State Identification number (SID)


  • Turn on the computer system the proceed the web browser of the computer
  • Enter the URL that automatically opens the offender information search page
  • Type in the form provided the Last name first name, TDCJ number and SID numbers of the prisoner
  • Select the Gender and race of the detainee from the options provided then click on the button labeled, “search.”

The information about the specified prisoner is shown from the database of the TDCJ website.

This search engine reveals whether the prisoner is eligible to be visited plus the exact location of the prisoner in the prison. On the homepage of the TDCJ website, the visitor will also see the highlighted visitation cancellations and check with the offender the visitor is identified as being eligible for the visitation.

The inmate search also allows the visitors to find information about the dress code that is accepted in the prison compounds hence the visitors before their visit to the jail can wear conversantly as per the norms and values of the jail environment.